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There are some simple rules that I hope you’ll understand and follow them…

1. “Do NOT take this out of my blog”.

– If you see this line in any entries, that means you CANNOT re-upload, redistribute or stream the video anywhere, you have to ask me first for the permission.

– If not, then you can take the link out without asking me.

– In both cases, give the proper credit (just copy what I wrote in the credit, don’t try to remove anything) and link back to my blog!!

2.  If you want to use my subbed videos to do it your own (like translating to other languages…), ask me for permission. I have to ask others for their translation too, so don’t worry!

3. Do NOT bash or compare artists in my blog. You can ONLY give your opinion. Do NOT start fights, start discussions instead. I love to discuss things, but don’t go over the line where I have to delete your comments and close that entry.

4. Do NOT hotlink my caps, upload by your own host.

5. Do NOT comment things like “first!”, “second!” etc… simply ridiculous!!!

I’ll update this page if I have to add some rules. If you have any questions, please go ahead and ask.

Thank you!

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